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CLB001 Saga Ring   CLB001 Saga Ring Gold 18 carat ring in yellow or white gold. Tahitian Pearl RD 9mm- quality B. 410.00 €
CLB009 Gold & Diams   CLB009 Gold & Diams Double ring in 18 carat yellow gold & diams. Round RD Tahitian pearl sized 8,5mm 630.00 €
GLA003 Glamour Earrings   GLA003 Glamour Earrings Glamour collection. Yellow 18 carat yellow Gold earrings together with 2... 1300.00 €
CL 5 pearls 10mm quality B-C   CL 5 pearls 10mm quality B-C 80.00 €
SB 9,5mm quality B   SB 9,5mm quality B 51.00 €
SB Semi Baroque 10mm qualityA   SB Semi Baroque 10mm qualityA 63.00 €
SB Semi Baroque 9mm quality B   SB Semi Baroque 9mm quality B 49.00 €
RD 13mm quality C   RD 13mm quality C 167.00 €
RD 13mm quality B   RD 13mm quality B 360.00 €
RD 12mm quality B   RD 12mm quality B 220.00 €

*The prices HT is subject to French Tax on purchases shipped to Europe.
For purchases outside Europe, it will declare the product in the country where it is purchased to pay the tax in the country.